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Adidas Crazyflight Sky Tint-Cloud White

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Much more stable shoe than the previous ones. They sinned above all in the push and jump landing phase. The central shell made them much more suitable for players who are more "imprecise" in their movements (not to mention ... crooked: D)

Reactivity and Lightness

Shoe that benefits from the new toecap. A forefoot sole that overheats during play (causes abrasion on the ground) and thus improves grip . You will hear it extremely fast … always! Also thanks to the low weight.

Solidity of construction

The new upper is built more solidly . This involves less damage (albeit only aesthetic) from rubbing with the ground and greater breathability than the all-plastic upper. It remains flexible and is tall enough to accommodate well-built orthotics.

Overall, Adidas has been able to improve the weaknesses of this shoe making it more stable and reactive , without compromising lightness and softness on the heel.
We recommend it to light players (possibly not over 75kg - unless you want to change 2 or 3 throughout the championship) who play roles in which mobility is essential (dribble, free, s2 or s1 quick).

More Information
Shoe HeightLow
Larghezza PiantaNarrow, Standard
Training Sessions (Week)1-2 A Week, 2-4 A Week, More than 4
Peso GiocatoreMeno di 50 kg, Tra 50 e 70 kg
Caratteristica Scarpa VolleyReattiva, Morbida, Leggera
RuoloAlzatore, Schiacciatore, Libero
Return (Store Credit) period30 days
Return period30 days
Exchange period30 days
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‌‌The Adidas Crazyflight Low Volleyball shoes have been revised and corrected starting from the upper and sole. The cushioning remains very similar to the old Crazyflight X3 but they are much more stable. We recommend them to female players