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Frequent questions



q: How to place an order

You can place an order on Sportnet from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. The information is processed according to the GDPR. The data is not disclosed. We use secure connections. The data is encrypted.

q: Orders in Italy and abroad:

Orders placed before 3pm are shipped the same day unless there are any problems with the product. Cash on delivery orders must always be confirmed. Delivery times in Italy are usually 24-72h. 2-5 working days in Europe.

q: Promo codes

You can use promo codes (one at a time) on our site. There are some products or shipments that do not benefit from these codes.

q: Net Points - What are they?

If you create an account on our store, with every purchase or action, you will receive points that you can convert directly into Euros for your purchases!



q: How do I modify or cancel an order?

For simplicity you can contact us by phone, whatsapp or by email. Once the order is shipped, it will no longer be possible to cancel it. We will proceed normally with the return. Editing works the same way. If you are a registered user you can cancel your order directly from the panel in your account.

q: How do I track my order?

The tracking code is sent by e-mail when the shipment is confirmed. It becomes active at 9 pm on the day the shipment was made.

q: Returns and exchanges

You can consult the information on the dedicated page here

q: Payment options

We use secure payments. You can pay with any credit card. Paypal, satispay. Cash on delivery for amounts between 40 and 180 euros. You can pay in installments for amounts over 5 euros.

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